Medical Translation Services

Reliability and accuracy are the pillars when it comes to Medical Translation Services. Medical reports, documents, analysis, review and many such highly important details need to be translated in several languages that can be beneficial to the humankind on the whole. RJ Translation has highly qualified translators to assist you in the best way.

Precise and Professional Translation Services:

Our team of linguists are well versed with medical terminologies and techniques through training and experience and therefore provide concrete and precise Medical Translation Services. You may have a pharmaceutical company or a medical equipment company, whatever your business is, to scale great peaks you have to take your product to a vast population residing in different locations on the planet. Medical translation services enable you to have easy access to people belonging to different cultures and nationalities.

Choose RJ Translation for all your medical translation needs.

List of our Medical Translation Services:

    1.Medical Reports

    2.Immunization Card Translation

And many more…

Why should you choose RJ Translation?

We have a separate team of Qualified Medical Translators, especially for carrying out medical translation services. We always stand for quality and we never compromise on it. Your data is secure with us and under no circumstances, we give it to the third party. With fast turnaround time and accuracy, we offer one of the best medical translation services online in Singapore.

Medical Report Translation:

Right from lab results, scan results, prescriptions, discharge summary, product information, etc.we @ RJ Translation offer Translation Services of all kinds of medical reports to your preferred language. Errors in translation can cause very serious consequences and hence all medical translation services are done only by the expert medical translators and verified by editors to make sure the translation conveys the right message literally, ethically and scientifically.

Immunization Card Translation:

Translation of your immunization card is very essential to have a proper medical record about your vaccinations. This becomes even more important when you plan for overseas travel wherein you will have to submit your immunization card in a particular language. Vaccination certificate translation offers an accurate and relevant translation of your vaccination history. Any errors in your immunization card translation may hamper your overseas travel plans. Our medical translators are thorough with abbreviations and other medical terminologies commonly used in the immunization card and always work 24/7 to offer you only the best. Get in touch with us to know more.

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