Legal Translation Services

Translation of legal documents have to be done with extreme caution and diligence and we @ RJ Translation have qualified legal translators with rich experience and knowledge. Our legal translators have in-depth knowledge about laws, legal terms and we ensure 100% accuracy. We offer translation services that can be used for submitting your documents to ICA and MOM Singapore. Translators have to reproduce each and every detail in the legal documents in another language without any misinterpretation or typo error. Our legal translators win hands down due to their skill, concentration and expertise in the legal domain.

Why do you need Legal Translators?

Owning an asset in some other country emphasizes the importance of legal translators. You need not worry about learning a new language so as to understand the legal documents and technicalities related to your assets and other dealings. We are here to assist you in the translation of any document relating to your property, affidavits, birth certificates, will, adoption certificate, etc.

If you have your business in another nation, many business and legal documents have to be made and we step in to provide you with the required translation services making your job and life tension free.

We can translate all of the following documents such as:

    1. Birth Certificates

    2. Passport

    3. Marriage Certificates

    4. Affidavits

    5. Court Verdicts

    6. Driving License     

    7. Name Change Certificate and the list goes on….

For immigration purposes, you need all your documents and certificates translated to a particular language. Place your orders now and enjoy an outstanding service!

Police Clearance Certificate Translation:

We translate police clearance certificates within a very short span of time to meet your urgent needs. This certificate becomes highly important when you apply for a job in another country. Police personnel carry out your background verification and the certificate states if there are any police cases related to you. The translated certificate will be helpful for the authorities overseas to assess your background and credentials as it serves as the first-hand information about you.

Court Orders Translation:

When it comes to court proceedings overseas, you need to translate all the related documents to a specific language. This also provides the judiciary with a better understanding of the merits of the case and quicken the judgement process without any delays. It also helps you to get to know the judicial proceedings without any difficulty. Without proper translation, there are chances of miscommunication which can lead to unwanted consequences.

Our expert team of legal translators double-check the translation to avoid any errors and miscommunications in the final translated document.

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