Birth Certificate Translation Services

Birth Certificate Translation Services Singapore

A Birth Certificate is the most essential document for the purpose of a job or PR application in Singapore. It is mandatory to submit your important Documents to ICA in English. RJ Translation assists in translating the necessary documents including Birth Certificate to English. The birth certificate and other vital documents need to be 100% accurate or else many legal problems would arise and hence you need professionals to translate the documents.

At RJ Translation, with professionals working round the clock, the turnaround time in case of translation is very less. Birth certificate has to be translated in an accurate manner without any mistakes. With decades of experience in the translation industry, our team has the potential and capacity to give flawless outputs. For all legal formalities, PR application, job purpose, a birth certificate is a must.

You may have your Birth Certificate in any of the international languages and we have the expertise and experience to translate it into English for PR application in Singapore. Our team of expert translators are proficient in all international languages which makes their job easier.

Why are Translators required?

You may have great dreams of acquiring a job, studying or settling in a different country. The basic requirement for all these processes is proper documents. When we choose a country for our education or job purposes, all our relevant documents that are in the native language should be translated to the official language of that country. For this purpose, we need translators who can translate the documents from one language to any other language without any errors. For all immigration purposes, your documents including the birth certificate has to be submitted in English to the ICA.

Why birth certificate should be accurate and flawless?

A Birth certificate is a very important document as it helps in verification of one's nationality, age and other critical things. Only a valid, accurate and genuine translation of the birth certificate can provide you with job opportunities, higher studies, PR and so on. Any error while translation can result in severe consequences. So it is highly important to get it translated by the best people in the industry.

How RJ Translation can help you?

Our in-house Translation Experts follow all the rules and procedures as per ICA for the purpose of the translation. Any small error or change in the Birth Certificate can have a drastic impact on your job or your PR application may get rejected. We at RJ Translation carry out translation services with utmost sincerity, dedication and perfection. We are one of the Best translation service providers in Singapore and you can get in touch with us for the translation of all your documents from any language to any other language in the world.

RJ Translation stands for:

  • Quality
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  • Accuracy

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